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Stay Connected with Omnipath


Your internet won’t drop, even for a second so you can keep working

Easy to Deploy

Easily slots into an existing infrastructure without the need for major network changes

Wireless Connections

Use your 3/4/5G connections alongside your fibre

Firewall Protection

With adaptable firewall protection you'll have the highest level of encryption
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Protect Your Business to Stay Online

As businesses move more of their critical business processing to the cloud, it’s vital to proactively prevent service interruptions – waiting until something goes down will quickly start to affect your business. With Omnipath you’re able to stay one step ahead of the actions needed to solve connectivity issues.

By bonding and aggregating any available broadband connections, Omnipath ensures that whatever happens to any of your connections, you won’t see any drop in service. This is critical for any business that uses real-time services such as VPN’s, VoIP, Citrix or relies on Office 365.

Omnipath maximises all connections including your back-up path. No connections are left out of action. You can control your mobile data usage by setting warnings and alerts at certain levels of usage.


The innovative technology of the Netcelero 3000 Series

The 3000 Series includes robust and flexible firewall functionality that offers threat prevention designed to suit your specific needs. The dashboard also offers improved visibility of any suspicious activity and real-time alerts to keep you one step ahead of any potential issues.


Ultrafast and Ultra-reliable

With Netcelero you can rely on zero downtime. Use multiple ISPs for automatic failover between connections that keeps critical services running.

Firewall Protection

Multiple levels of firewall protection with Netcelero's Cyber Safe functionality gives you exactly the protection you need.
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